How do I find out my neck or wrist measurements?

It is super simple! Just take a piece of string and wrap it around your neck or wrist with about two fingers under the string to make sure it doesn't fit too tight! You can cut where the string overlaps and measure that with a ruler. Another option is following the same measurement guideline but using a tape measure if you have access to one. 


Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

The answer is YES. Almost all jewelry pieces have metal components are all stainless steel material(with a few exclusions). If there is a charm or component that is not stainless steel, it will have be listed in the product description.


Do you have earrings for individuals without ear piercings?

At this time, I do not.


If I know my neck measurements how do I select a chain to hang down where I want it to?

What I have found most useful is starting with adding about 2 inches to your neck measurements which will leave it sitting roughly on the collarbone. You can continue adding 2 inch intervals and working your way to longer lengths until you can imagine the chain to sit in the desired spot. I do not have a diagram to display this since everyone's neck measurements are not the same. If you have any further questions please email contactshopsteelangel@gmail.com


Are your earrings heavy? 

Select styles are available that may be slightly heavier than the average earring. If that is the case, it will ALWAYS be listed in the product description. 

Can I return my item(s)?

At this time returns/refunds are only available if the item(s) arrives damaged. Exchanges are available on a case by case basis.